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George County has six community centers spread across the county for residents to rent for an afternoon or a weekend. From small monthly meetings to large wedding receptions, we have a community center to fit your needs and budget. Attached are PDF’s with each of the center’s rules and prices. The most important thing to remember is… first come, first service. Please call the Board of Supervisors office at 601-947-7506 to check availability and scheduling. 




Rates/Rules Downloads

Davis Community Center

Music Mountain Rd

Buzzard Roost Community

Old Bexley School House

105 Bexley Rd N

Bexley Community

Jaycees Building

9162 Old Hwy 63 S


Pascagoula River Hunting Club

Plum Bluff Rd

Basin Community

Multi-Purpose Arena (Horse Arena)

9162 Old Hwy 63 S


Senior Citizens Center

7102 Hwy 198 East

Multi-Mart Community