George County : County Officials


The Coroner is one of the most emotionally and physically demanding elected positions in the County.  The Coroner must find a balance between professionalism and compassion as he/she deals with families and friends of the recently deceased.  The County Coroner's authority and responsibilities extend throughout the County including municipalities.

Once the Coroner takes oath he/she is designated the chief medical examiner (CME) or chief medical examiner investigator (CMEI) for the county.  A CME is a doctor of medicine (M.D.) or osteopathic medicine (D.O.) licensed in the State of Mississippi, while a CMEI is a non-physician possessing, as a minimum, a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Mrs. Murrah was re-elected in Aug. 2023 and began her new 4-year term on Jan. 01, 2024.