George County : County Departments

PUBLIC SAFETY- Emergency Management, E911, and Rural Fire

Our main priority everyday is protecting lives and property of the citizens of George County. Please, read this links below for important public safety information.

George County- Hurricane Zeta Updates

Hurricane Season 2020
Our area is still in hurricane season... please stay aware of weather systems in the Gulf
of Mexico and the tropics. Plan ahead for the next storm and always watch for storm 
warnings for the NWS and local officials.
Release: March-Aug. 2020

Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management/Civil Defense acts as a coordinating agency during times of emergency or disaster. It takes the combined efforts of all county departments and volunteer organizations to effectively manage these events. Our mission involves the areas of:

  • Preparedness- includes planning, resource management and training.
  • Response- takes place during or immediately following an event.
  • Recovery- occurs right after an event and can last for days and up to months depending on the severity of the emergency.
  • Mitigation- is anything done to lessen the effects of a hazard, such as raising a house.

Public Safety - EMA Storm 

Flood Plain Management

George County Flood Plain 2019 Ordinance- Click Here

Rural Fire Protection/Fire Coordinator

The county fire coordinator works with the state fire coordinator, the county supervisors and the fourteen volunteer fire departments. The volunteer firefighters provide a valuable service to the citizens by providing fire protection and emergency medical response.

Fire protection in George County is provided by fourteen volunteer fire departments which are divided into four fire grading districts:

  • Fire Grading District One—Class 7 insurance rating
    Shipman VFD, Rocky Creek VFD, Bexley VFD
  • Fire Grading District Two—Class 8 insurance rating
    Ward VFD, Agricola VFD, Howell VFD, Movella VFD
  • Fire Grading District Three—Class 8 insurance rating
    Central VFD, Twin Creek VFD, Barton VFD, Basin VFD
  • Fire Grading District Four—Class 9 insurance rating
    Benndale VFD, Broome VFD, Salem VFD


911 Dispatch & E-911

The 911 dispatch is a 24/7 operation with two dispatchers on duty at all times. The dispatchers are always ready to assist citizens in every way possible during emergency and non-emergency situations. The basic E-911 responsibility is to ensure that all George County addresses are entered into a 911 database. This database, maintained by the phone company, enables automatic routing to the appropriate law enforcement, fire protection and/or Emergency Medical Response unit in response to a citizen’s 911 emergency call. Coordination with county and city planning departments is vital so that as new roads, subdivisions and developments are created, the database can be updated.